How could love be over

Written by on June 11, 2023

Detroit, MI
Author of : The Living Incantations of Black Life
Owner of Urban Farmer Media Group LLC
Word to be spoken, emotions to be heard, souls to be touched, this is the essence of the ever-so moving creativity of Shiyon Perriyon. From his wondrous stories of joy, sexuality, triumph, and faith. To his anger, and despair, (sometimes uncontrollable) of pain, suffering, and hatred in the hearts of men. Vividly he explains the thoughts that race through the minds of people of all walks of life. Explaining the blind unfulfilled emptiness of the hollow corridor’s of the city streets. Sometimes a gentle being filled with the spirit and truth of the Creator, then sometimes a beast filled with the hunger and desires of life. On most occasions he ponders within the struggle of questions pertaining to life, and the meaning of life. His versatile style constantly keeps the hungry for life satisfied. His song (Kiss from your Lips) was featured on RuPaul’s Drag Race, also his song (How could Love be Over) is number 40 on the local R&B chart for Michigan on Reverbnation.

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