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Ednilson Rui Jovo Januário, by music known as Nilzzy Wamunene, was born in Mozambique at Maputo City on 6th February 1996. He saw his love with music staring from 2009 by friends influence and artists as “Chris Brown”, “Usher”, “50 Cent”, “Lil Wayne”, “Laylizzy”, and decided to start his career at 2013 making hiphop/r&b.

Had his first national success with single “Dream Chaser” singing with big and knew mozambicans rappers as “Hernani da Silva”, “Fkay”, “Son-z”, “Case Buyakah”, where he walked on TV, Internet, Rádios boosting also international regions as “Angola” and “Brazil”.

Starting from 2017-2020 engaged more fans when was released the singles “Lhalelani”, “Swani Tsakissa”, and “Tou no vôo”, where marked his career and also he described his light to sing melodies and from there decided to work in a international single to 2021.

In 2021 he released his single “God” in agreement with the distributer “Cdbaby” to run it in all digital plataforms.

Extra info:
Hobbies: Cooking, Video and Picture Edition.
Professional Skills: Bacharel in Management and has professional and technical training in accounting.

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